I Messed Up My Back

I am not really sure what started the fight, although I had nothing to do with it and if I had been smarter I would have stayed out of it. As you might expect both of the guys involved were pretty well hammered, one of them is sort of a friend of mine when he is sober and no sort of friend at all when he is in the bag. At any rate he should have been more scared of the other guy, who was half as drunk and twice as tough. A chiropractor in Huntington NY ended up working on my back after it was all said and done. That was not any fun, but I have to admit that I got a nice little thrill out of the deal. The guy I know was getting the absolute tar beaten out of him, whether or not he deserved it or not I do not know. However I knew his sisters would have blamed me for letting him get beat up this bad, So I pulled the other guy off of him.

He was a really big guy and he was really pretty tough, so I had my hands full when he decided that he was not done fighting. It was lucky for me that there were a couple of off duty police officers there. Once they flashed their badges the guy cooled down a great deal. At any rate some way I ended up hurting my back, but I was so pumped up on adrenaline that I hardly felted anything except for it. The next morning I felt it really good. I tried to get up out of the bed and it was not even working at all. It took at least twenty minutes for it to finally loosen up.