I Almost Ready to Start Work Again

It was a usual day, just like any other and I was in the same place more or less that I usually am at that time of day on a work day. Unfortunately for me it was the wrong place at the wrong time. I was about to turn onto the street where I work, but I got hit by a drunk driver at half past seven in the morning. I eventually had to go see a San Francisco Chiropractor, but instead I spent a lot of time dealing with doctors. It took a long time for me to figure out that they could not solve all of the problems that I had picked up in the wreck. They fixed my broken leg and my knee, they patched up the cuts and gave me some pills for the pain. However my back was really stiff and they could not do any good with it.

The doctors were ready to give me all sorts of pills, but that was not going to do much good when it comes to solving the problem itself. Instead you are going to have the problem covered up by a big fog. It is not going to solve any of the issues with the back. For that they need to get the bones in the proper relationship to one another. It is going to take a chiropractor to do that, but you do not want to just let any random guy going back there and doing this stuff. It can go bad and you are the one that is going to have to live with the results. That is not something that I want to be involved in, so I had to really do my homework and I found someone to personally recommend a good chiropractor.