I Hurt Myself at Work

When I was first hired at my job, I had to prove that I could lift 80 pounds. That is understandable since the job was in a warehouse. I had no problem lifting that amount of weight, and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I was quickly promoted though, and within three years I was an assistant manager over the entire operations. That meant I sat behind a desk most of the time. I did fill in one day about a month ago in the warehouse, and that is why I had to see a San Diego chiropractor.

When I was first hired, I had no problem lifting even more than 80 pounds at a time. When I went behind the desk, I did get a bit soft, physically. I thought that getting back to the warehouse just for a few hours would be like riding a bike, but my body was just not able to handle that level of intense activity. My lower back was absolutely killing me, and I ended up taking the next day off so I could visit a chiropractor. I went to the same one that my brother saw when he was in a car wreck a few months prior to this because he said that the doctor was great.

When I went, he had me move and bend so he could see what my range of motion was. It was not horrible, but it was definitely not what I was able to do before I worked in the warehouse the day before. He did an adjustment on my back that day, and he scheduled me for two more in the next ten days as well. I did feel better after the first adjustment, but I felt incredible after the third one a week and a half later. I no longer volunteer to help in the warehouse either!