I Wanted to Do a Little Body Sculpting to Regain My Before-Pregnancy Look

I asked my husband if my dress made me look fat. I never expected anything but a no as an answer, and that is what I got. He has stars in his eyes when it comes to me, and that is an incredible thing about him that makes him even more special. I have a couple of friends who have told me their husbands are not as nice. I put on weight with my last pregnancy, and I was having trouble slimming back down. I did not want liposuction, and it was my husband who suggested fat freezing in Singapore where we live.

Now you might think he was secretly wanting me to do this, but that is not true. He works maintaining high-tech machines that are used in the medical industry, and he knows how the procedure for freezing fat is different than liposuction. He actually told me he did not want me to have to do anything to reshape my body. He told me that his thoughts toward me grow stronger everyday, and he was of a mind that he was the one that was not keeping up his looks. He was referring to his receding hairline.

You might wonder why he would worry about his hair and I would worry about a little fat in places I did not want since we both loved each other and were not critical about each other’s looks. Well, I can only think that it comes down to a personal preference for working to maintain the same look we had in our youth when we first met. I think some couples insist on it while we just wanted it for each other. I had the fat freezing in Singapore done. I did not have any down time where I could not care for our child. It was an easy procedure, and the fat cells were just resorbed by my body to give me a more toned look in the area I wanted it.