Healed and Back into Action

After a follow up with a chiropractor in Mesa, I now have a clean bill of health. I had to visit the chiropractor in the first place because I had a little injury from exercising. Now that it’s behind me, I can get back to exercising. I’ve been training for a big triathlon event and I plan to win this year. Last year I came pretty close to victory, but I was beaten by a man who had been participating in the triathlon for a long time and won every year that he participated. The man is nearly 10 years older than me, but doesn’t even look like it.

There must be some secret to how the other man beat me in the triathlon, but I don’t know what it is. He says that he only does normal exercise just like everyone else, but there’s no way he could win every year just with regular exercise. Maybe he takes some kind of special formula that lets his body operate at its full potential. Maybe he does some kind of special ritual or prays to a certain god. The participants are tested for performance enhancing drugs before the race, and the man’s results always comes back clean, so I know he isn’t using them to cheat.

The only solution I have to beat the man is to train harder than ever before without injuring myself again. I can’t afford to have another injury, because it would mean that I would have to take time out of my training to recover, which would decrease my chances of getting stronger and winning the triathlon. There’s only so much that the human body can do. Although my chiropractor is good at what he does, I can’t force my body to heal faster than it already can.