Needed Relief for a Travel Injury

I looked into a Redding chiropractor when my boyfriend and I returned from a lengthy road trip to visit his parents for the holidays. He owns this really old two seat car and the passenger seat has something wrong with it that makes it very uncomfortable to ride in it. It’s not a problem going around town, but I found out how much of a problem it is on an eight hour trip. By the time we got to his parents house I was in so much pain it was unbelievable. The trip back was even more excruciating. I thought I was going to pass out.

Even worse, the pain did not abate after the trip. It got so I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes. I tried ice packs, a heating pad, and muscle relief ointments and nothing helped. I even tried painkillers and muscle relaxers, which helped only for a few hours. It got so bad even sitting down was a struggle. I couldn’t stand up for more than five minutes without feeling like I was going to pass out. Obviously something had to be done, especially since my doctor said it was probably just a pulled muscle.

So I went online and found a good chiropractor and went in for an appointment. The chiropractor listened to my tale of woe and suggested the faulty car seat could have caused a muscle or spinal compression that would cause my pain. Adjustments were made and I felt a lot better by the time I left. I returned a week later to undergo further adjustments and I’m pain free. No problems bending over, standing up, sitting down or anything. The pain is just gone and I’m not even worried about it returning. I feel good enough to look for a new seat for my boyfriend’s car!