My Lawyer Helped Me to Take Down a Lying Driver

I always feared being an accident, but had never been in one. So, I tried to be careful. Not only that, I am a mother, and don’t want my children forced to be without a mom thanks to negligence on my part. But six months ago, I finally had an accident due to a negligent driver who tried to blame me for the accident. I could not believe someone would like to me and the police, and it meant I had to haul her to court with the help of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer so that I could get paid for what she owed and caused.

I was on my way to the grocery store in the early morning on the weekend. I like to go super early because most people sleep in on weekends and the streets are more quiet and peaceful. I noticed this lady in the car next to me texting while driving. I couldn’t believe it. She was steering with her left hand and texting with her right. I softly beeped my horn to let her know that I saw what she was doing. She looked up, glared and looked back at her phone. I decided to get away from her in case she caused an accident. I thought I was safe when I was fifty feet in front of her, but she was suddenly behind me and slammed into the back of my car. I then slammed into a fire hydrant.

When the police came minutes later, they checked to see if I was okay. The lady didn’t care. She was already busy telling them that I had slammed on my breaks and caused her to hit me. I saw her texting again in my review window right before she hit me. It was a pleasure taking her to court and suing the pants off of her. I won a very nice settlement.