Working on a Huge New Project

Of course the first thing you notice is that it is ungodly expensive to do anything here in the Bay Area. You see very modest homes which cost well in excess of a million dollars, but that is not something that I can complain about considering my line of work. I have been up here for a couple of days and of course I am living where I am working. I have been hired by a chiropractor in San Francisco to remodel a very old house here. It is not the sort of job that you can just get any fool to do, because there are just not many people who have this sort of experience and skill. There are a limited number of homes this old and very few contractors know how to handle the work. In fact I met this chiropractor ten years ago when I was in the area and I got into a rather serious collision on the Pacific Coast Highway.

At any rate this place is pretty much a disaster area right now and it is going to look pretty bad for a little while yet. The first thing that I have to do is work on structural issues. You obviously have a lot of earthquakes in this part of the world. This place has survived a lot of them, but you want to be certain that it can handle the next century too. That is going to require a lot of work. After that I can start working on the rest of the job, which is going to take around three months. I have fixed up one room so that it is fit to live in and put my stuff in there. Of course at some point I will move to a completed room and go back to there.