I Finally Had to Do the Right Thing for My Body

My mom kept telling me to go to her Pleasanton chiropractor over and over again when she saw me shuffling around the house in pain over one particular weekend. I have no idea what I did to my back. I just woke up one morning, stretched, and suddenly, I felt pain. I stayed in bed for a bit longer with the thought that the issue would subside, but it did not. I dragged myself out of bed around 20 minutes later. I had to get up for work. I then found myself struggling to get through the work day. I hoped that it would not continue on, but my troubles lasted until the next weekend. Mom came over to try to help me get things done around the house, while I complained. She encouraged me to get help, and I hurt so much that I finally told her that I would.

My parents know that I am pretty stubborn when it comes to getting help. I do whatever I can not to ask for it or even seek it out. Dad says that I got that from him, and I really believe it. He is even more stubborn than I am. It really gets my mother frustrated with both of us. I feel for her because sometimes our being so stubborn really affects her. Mom felt like she had to beg me to go see a dentist when I had tooth pain. So, she wasn’t surprised when I kept trying to ignore her pleas to me to do something about my back troubles.

I showed up at the chiropractor’s office the next Monday morning. I had finally given in and could not wait another day. I walked in feeling dejected that I had given up, but I had no choice. But I was willing to try anything at that point. I walked out of there feeling better than I had all week. I also realized that I should listen to my mom more often.