Getting Pinched? a Couple Diet Tips to Help Your Pinched Nerve Problem

Ever felt like a pain in your neck was pinching your whole life? Beyond dealing with people who can be a proverbial “pain in the neck”, an ache in your neck can be debilitating. Getting to a chiropractor is a great solution, but here are some little day-to-day things you can do to help any of your available Sacramento chiropractors do his or her job better.

There are two distinct classifications of a pinched nerve. One is a compressed lesion, which is the medical term for an actual pinched nerve and a less common type called a facilitative lesion. The latter is when a nerve is chafed or shifted by pressure from an impinging bone in your spinal column.

Both create pain and discomfort. While a facilitative lesion is going to require more extensive analysis by your chiropractor, there is something you can do everyday to help reduce the discomfort of both, maybe even totally eliminate them. You can analyze your diet and add two specific supplements, which can help reduce your pain immensely.

Two important dietary mineral supplements can prove beneficial. Simply put, adding some calcium and potassium to your diet. You can do this through supplements, but it is better to try and add some food items that accomplish the objective.

Dark vegetables like spinach and kale are great to boost calcium, plus sesame seeds are high in calcium. Of course you can add a cup of milk per day, but some folks are lactose intolerant so that’s not always an option. A good old fashioned banana a day will not only boost your brain function, but add a fair amount of potassium to your diet. Sometimes a lack of potassium in your diet is the primary cause of pinched nerve.

Potassium is one primary nutritional component that you should have checked by a doctor, but if you are deemed to have low levels of potassium, there are some excellent food products that will correct the deficiency. Nuts, especially cashews and walnuts, are a prime source of potassium. Avocados and apricots are super high in potassium and taking these along with a banana, blended into a morning smoothie, can help you to meet the suggested potassium levels.

If you are having trouble adding either of these supplements to your diet, consult with a licensed physician. Talk over this part of your health with your chiropractor also, because they can help suggest other options to let diet assist in relieving your pain in the neck.