I Had to Get My Back Straightened out

I was not really doing anything when it happened. I was not even on the road exactly. I was parked on the curb about a block from where I was going and I was looking around in the console for change to feed the parking meter. The police had to tell me what happened or what they thought had happened, which was a couple of teenagers drag racing when one of them lost control. I thought I was okay aside from a few cuts and bruises, but I had to go see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA. The next morning I woke up and my back was so stiff that I could hardly get out of the bed. It took me about ten minutes to get going and I took a really hot shower hoping that would loosen it up. Eventually I could move around okay, but when I woke up the next morning it was the same thing. In fact it may have been a little bit worse and I knew I could not have that every single morning.

In fact you have to be really careful about picking a chiropractor, but it is really difficult to know exactly how to figure out what criteria you use to judge one. The big thing is that you are worried about whether or not it is going to be safe, because this is not an inherently safe thing to do. When you see how this is done it is really obvious that there is always going to be a potential for disaster. They are trying to get all of your bones lined up right and that requires them to move your bones around. When you are talking about the vertebra or the neck bones, then that is a really serious thing to play with.