My Lawyer Helped Me to Take Down a Lying Driver

I always feared being an accident, but had never been in one. So, I tried to be careful. Not only that, I am a mother, and don’t want my children forced to be without a mom thanks to negligence on my part. But six months ago, I finally had an accident due to a negligent driver who tried to blame me for the accident. I could not believe someone would like to me and the police, and it meant I had to haul her to court with the help of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer so that I could get paid for what she owed and caused.

I was on my way to the grocery store in the early morning on the weekend. Read More »

I’m a Lot Careful Now So That I Won’t Hurt Myself Again

I love the summer months around here when it rains almost every day. I open up the sliding glass doors that look out on our beautiful backyard and watch the raindrops gently landing on all the pretty plants out there. It calms me, and I always say that it is my daily meditation practice, without me having to actually put forth any effort. But I slipped on our back patio during a wonderful rain one day and landed flat on my back with the rain hitting me in the face. A chiropractor in Fort Myers FL had to help me to get better after that. The irony of the situation with me wandering outside during a rain shower and landing flat on the ground in pain with my favorite raindrops pelting me in the face relentlessly was not lost on me.

We moved to this state because cold winters are an extreme rarity here. Living up north means constant struggles with Mother Nature and harsh, bitterly cold winters year after year. Many tourists come to visit and sing the praises of the beautiful snow after only staying for a few days or a week. But they do not know how much work you have to do each year to get through it every year. Shoveling our walks, driveway and patio every day would take at least a couple of hours. When the electricity would go out, we would don heavy clothing for days on end until the heat came back on. Multiple car accidents happened day after day in that weather.

I don’t dislike the rain now after hurting my back while standing outside in it. I still love it. I just know that I need to be careful now. I walk more slowly when I do need to go outside. I make sure that I have good shoes on with rubber soles to help keep me from falling, and I make sure to keep up my appointments with my chiropractor who has fixed my back.

My Husband Fell off a Ladder

My husband is not used to climbing ladders. He is an accountant, which means he gets to sit down for the majority of his work day. He decided to help me hang some decorations on the house though, which required him getting a ladder from our neighbor. Normally, I have my brother help me with this since he climbs ladders constantly for his work, but he was not available. As a result, I ended up having to find a chiropractor in Sacramento because my husband fell of the ladder when he missed a step coming down from it.

The good news it that he was almost on the ground when he fell off the ladder. The bad news was that even though he only fell down three rungs, he was still in a lot of pain. Read More »

Finding My New Dentist Was Easy

When I moved to California, I knew that I was going to have to find a new doctor and dentist. I wanted to find a Tracy dentist first because I was going to be due for my six month check up a lot sooner than I would be ready for my annual exam at a doctor’s office. I have never had any major dental problems, and that is because I take good care of my teeth. My mom raised me to understand just how important oral health is, and I knew that if I wanted to keep my teeth, I had to take care of them from a very young age.

Part of that is making sure I have regular exams and cleanings so I can catch any problems from the start rather than letting them build into something that can become a major problem. I am also not the type to just pick a dentist without knowing a lot about them. Read More »

I Did Not Want the Headaches to Start for Me

My dad used to get really bad headaches when I was a kid. I remember being so scared when one would come on because he would need to be by himself in a room away from all of us kids. My father has always been the strongest man I have ever known, and I would see these headaches basically cripple him. As long as he was able to get to a room on his own with no loud noises or any lights, he would be okay within a few hours. I called a Cumming chiropractor the first time I had one of these headaches, because that is what ended up helping my dad more than anything. Read More »

I Stay Tough at My Job by Seeing My Chiropractor in Phoenix on My Time off

If you do not live in Arizona, you might not realize how cold it can get here at times. In the desert areas you can go from hot to freezing in a 24 hour period. Those clear nights can get really cold. I work in that all the time. I teach a nature course where i take students out into the desert for camping and learning about the natural environment. Then I go and see a chiropractor in Phoenix every time I get back. The work was hard when I started this, and it is a little harder now.

The issue is not me getting older as much as it is that kids are used to having stuff done for them. Most of them come into this thinking it is inherently safe. Even though we have a full disclosure and waiver for parents to sign, there is that mindset that this is like a fancy theme park event. They think it is made to be scary at times, but that nothing bad can happen to them. Then, all of a sudden, something will happen and open their eyes. One know-it-all kid slipped on a rapel down a small cliff on the last trip. Read More »

Working on a Huge New Project

Of course the first thing you notice is that it is ungodly expensive to do anything here in the Bay Area. You see very modest homes which cost well in excess of a million dollars, but that is not something that I can complain about considering my line of work. I have been up here for a couple of days and of course I am living where I am working. I have been hired by a chiropractor in San Francisco to remodel a very old house here. It is not the sort of job that you can just get any fool to do, because there are just not many people who have this sort of experience and skill. There are a limited number of homes this old and very few contractors know how to handle the work. Read More »

I Finally Had to Do the Right Thing for My Body

My mom kept telling me to go to her Pleasanton chiropractor over and over again when she saw me shuffling around the house in pain over one particular weekend. I have no idea what I did to my back. I just woke up one morning, stretched, and suddenly, I felt pain. I stayed in bed for a bit longer with the thought that the issue would subside, but it did not. I dragged myself out of bed around 20 minutes later. I had to get up for work. I then found myself struggling to get through the work day. I hoped that it would not continue on, but my troubles lasted until the next weekend. Mom came over to try to help me get things done around the house, while I complained. She encouraged me to get help, and I hurt so much that I finally told her that I would.

My parents know that I am pretty stubborn when it comes to getting help. Read More »

Getting Pinched? a Couple Diet Tips to Help Your Pinched Nerve Problem

Ever felt like a pain in your neck was pinching your whole life? Beyond dealing with people who can be a proverbial “pain in the neck”, an ache in your neck can be debilitating. Getting to a chiropractor is a great solution, but here are some little day-to-day things you can do to help any of your available Sacramento chiropractors do his or her job better.

There are two distinct classifications of a pinched nerve. One is a compressed lesion, which is the medical term for an actual pinched nerve and a less common type called a facilitative lesion. The latter is when a nerve is chafed or shifted by pressure from an impinging bone in your spinal column.

Both create pain and discomfort. While a facilitative lesion is going to require more extensive analysis by your chiropractor, there is something you can do everyday to help reduce the discomfort of both, maybe even totally eliminate them. You can analyze your diet and add two specific supplements, which can help reduce your pain immensely.

Two important dietary mineral supplements can prove beneficial. Simply put, adding some calcium and potassium to your diet. You can do this through supplements, but it is better to try and add some food items that accomplish the objective.

Dark vegetables like spinach and kale are great to boost calcium, plus sesame seeds are high in calcium. Read More »

Neck Pain Caused by Slouching Gets Fixed with Chiropractic Help

My neck would bother me every day. It felt like a crick, but it just would not go away. I felt it mostly on one side. After working all day it felt like a cramp in the trapezius muscle on that side. It would bother me to a degree every single day. I tried taking things such as naproxen sodium and ibuprofen to relieve the discomfort, but I did not want to have to take pills every day. My regular doctor was no help, so I went to a chiropractor in Campbell. My neck alignment was way out. My regular doctor only mentioned my slouching one time, but he did not say a word of it being involved in my daily neck pain. The chiropractor said it was probably at the root of my entire problem. Read More »